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It's expected that we'll be exclusively welcoming new clients off our waitlist throughout 2023, so we encourage you to submit your application, which will be reviewed if/when availability opens up.



Marketing Agency

Through results-driven digital marketing campaigns, we expose people to the brands, products, and services that will enrich, entertain, and educate their lives.

There are two types of businesses in the online world right now:

First, there are those who are crushing it...

You see their ads all. the. time.

People are engaging with their content, and you can imagine the dolla, dolla bills lining their bank accounts because they seem to have cracked the code with Facebook ads.

Then, there's everyone else...

Frustrated beyond belief because their cost per lead is astronomical.

Their ads keep getting disapproved and they can’t figure out what random key element they need to change in order to get their ad approved -- finally.

They’re trying to Google their way to ads success… and they’re nowhere in the neighborhood of success.

If you’re in that second camp...

It sucks.

And, let me guess... you’ve been doing all the things:

  • Following experts and strategists,

  • Watching webinars,

  • Reading blogs,

  • Listening to podcasts,

  • Purchasing courses (and maybe you've even finished one of those courses you've bought?!)...

But, something is still missing and you're DONE trying to figure it out on your own.

Listen, I get it.

At some point you’re ready to delegate away things that don’t fall into your zone of genius.

So, how about now?

If you’re tired of slogging away at stuff that doesn’t fill your business love tank...

And you’re ready to get time, energy, and profitability (because time = money) back into your hands, then it's time to talk about outsourcing with

A Results-Driven Marketing Agency.

Founded by a former Facebook employee and leveraging our unique insider information and knowledge to help you with your Facebook marketing execution!

We will work with you to create and execute an individualized marketing strategy to reach your unique goals.

How We Get Results

Develop specific strategies to deliver on KPI's.

Launch, track, & manage projects to meet goals.

Test, adjust, & optimize to maximize impact and ROI.




EIEIO Marketing only executes Just Marketing® Strategies

  • Valuing People over Profits

  • Acknowledging that Black Lives Matter and prioritizing building an anti-racist business

  • Supporting LGBTQIA+ rights

  • Equity - not just diversity and inclusion - is mandatory

We believe that business should be a force for disrupting systems of oppression and actively invest in our own learning to fulfill this role.

We love to work with value-aligned businesses!

While each business is unique, many of our clients are parents pursuing an entrepreneurial dream to provide a better life for their family, while marketing products/services that will enrich the lives of others.

We have experience working with businesses across a variety of verticals, including:

We Love Our Clients

(Past and Present)

And Our Clients Love Us Too

Vince Reed

Founder, Internet Traffic Factory

Stacy Brookman

Life Storytelling & Resilience Expert

Founded by Meg Brunson

a former Facebook employee, passionate about helping entrepreneurs and small businesses find success with Facebook Marketing.

Before I worked at Facebook, I relied on a variety of experts in the digital marketing space to learn what I needed to know.

It can be hard to know who to trust - especially when different experts give conflicting advice - and the platform changes so frequently that blogs and youtube trainings get outdated - FAST.

When I was hired by Facebook, I learned directly from the source what worked and why. I learned the insider secrets of the algorithms and finding long term success on the platform. I quickly became a top performer on the team, and Facebook themselves gave me the title, Facebook Marketing Expert.

During my time at Facebook I saw behind the curtain - ad accounts of "experts" and "agencies" that were doing huge injustices to their clients and followers - and when I made the decision to leave my job at Facebook to be a more present mom to my 4 kiddos, I also dedicated myself to educating and empowering small business owners to leverage Facebook Ads without wasting time or money!

Now, through highly targeted, results-driven, Facebook Ads, my clients enjoy predictable leads & traffic and positive ROI - and spend more time making happy memories with their kids than stressed over their marketing.

I've delivered results for my clients including:

  • Doubling Lead Volume

  • 62% more sales

  • 16x return on ad spend

  • Reducing the cost per lead by over 90%me stuff

And I would love to introduce you to the strategies that yielded those results!

Still have Questions

We're happy to offer a complimentary call to qualified businesses. Because we want to ensure that we're respectful of each other's time, it's encouraged to review all of the information on this page - including these frequently asked questions - before applying for a call.

How do I know if Ad Management is right for me?

Here are some signs you’re ready to outsource your ads management for successful Facebook ads:

» You have a proven product (you’ve sold it to people already)

» You have an email sequence to nurture & convert your leads into sales

» Your business is on track to hit 6-figures this year (or you've already gotten there!)

» You're ready to spend $50+/day to grow and scale your business.

Does this sound like you? If you’ve ticked box after box and you’re ready to hand off the tedious (yet rewarding) work of managing your Facebook ads, then let’s chat - click one of the pink buttons on this page!

How much does it cost?

We follow a variable tiered pricing structure that takes your business model, marketing plan, and ad spend into consideration. This means that the criteria for non-profits, local businesses, and digital businesses are all different - allowing us to provide services to a variety of clients based on their unique needs.

Our average digital clients are spending $1,500+/mo to retain our services, however agency fees may start at just $750/mo (for certain non-profits and local businesses), and go up to $5000+.

The best way to know how your business would fall into our pricing structure would be to schedule a consultation call - we'll gather some information about your business and then discuss what working together would look like.

If the budget seems a little steep for you – we totally get it – that's why we have other options that may be a better fit, including mentorship, courses, and free resources.

We recommend starting at the place that makes the most sense for you right now – and we'll be here, ready to serve you in the future.

How quickly will I see results?

Results will vary from client to client, and will depend on a wide range of factors including your business, brand, and audience.

If you already have a proven sales funnel that is converting, you're likely to see better results faster.

If not, don't despair! We'll work with you to strategize what your Ads funnel should look like and may include elements like driving traffic to a blog post, generating leads with an offer, or retargeting warm audiences who are likely to convert.

In any case, it's important to remember that testing can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks... and really, the testing process NEVER ends. We're ALWAYS testing new ideas and new strategies to stay on the leading edge of the ever changing digital marketing scene!

Ready to hop on a call to take your business to the next level?

Click one of the pink buttons on this page...

What is the refund policy?

Do you guarantee your service?

We guarantee professional, prompt, and thorough support for your Facebook Ads. However, we can not offer guarantees related specifically to the results you can expect, or the return on ad spend you'll receive... results will vary dramatically from client to client and will depend on a variety of factors including your offer, branding, and audiences.

Your success and happiness is important to us, and during our consultation call we will assess whether your business is a good fit for Ad Management. If we do not believe that we can meet your goals, we'll tell you. You're not going to be talking to a sales person - you'll be talking to a marketing professional who is eager to help you... even if it means referring you to another product, service, or professional.

Due to the highly customized nature of our Ads Management services, we do not offer any refunds.

I'm ready to get started.

What are the next steps?

Woo hoo - this is great to hear!

First off, we will need to have a consultation call - it's kind of like an application. We want to make sure it's a good fit (for both of us) before moving forward. So, if we haven't had that call yet - click one of the pink buttons on this page!

Once the consultation call is over - and we're both super excited to get started - we'll send you a statement of work to review, contract to sign, initial invoice to pay, and intake paperwork to complete. All contracts begin with a 3-month commitment, before going month-to-month until cancelled by either party.

After you complete those things, EIEIO Marketing will get started with an Audit of your Account. This will allow us to take a look at the data in your account, and begin assembling a strategy for moving forward.

We'll schedule an official intake call, during which time we'll review the Audit and discuss your ad strategy. Every strategy will be a bit different because our plans are highly-customized for each client.

Then, we'll begin implementing your ad strategy - but you won't be left in the dark! You will receive detailed monthly reporting focused on the metrics that matter most for your business, weekly correspondence to review your ad performance/strategy, and all Ad Management plans include phone consultation time, that can be scheduled at your convenience.

What if I still have questions?

No problem - that's why we offer the complimentary consultation.

Let's go ahead and schedule our call so that we can get all of your questions answered and discuss your marketing goals further - simply click one of the pink buttons on this page!



Marketing Agency

Through results-driven digital marketing campaigns, we expose people to the brands, products, and services that will enrich, entertain, and educate their lives.

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